Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some frequently asked questions for you below. If the question you have is not listed please feel free to contact us.

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We also have a general page with shipping information.

Orders placed before 16:30 that are shipped the same day. In most cases, this means next-day delivery within the Netherlands.

For more information on delivery times and prices, check out our shipping page.

We use Sendcloud for shipping. Sendcloud works with several carriers. Within the Netherlands we usually ship with PostNL but this can also be DHL or DPD in some cases.

It is always annoying when packages are delayed or lost in shipment.

When this is the case please contact us as soon as possible. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on orders. Then click ‘order messages’ on the appropriate order. This way we know right away which order it is.

If you have not created an account please use our contact form. Please include your order number so we know which order it is.

We will contact the carrier to see where it went wrong. We will then contact you for an appropriate solution.

Pickup is certainly possible. Please contact us for that so we can arrange a day and time


We also have a general page with information about returns.

Product returns are free of charge. Please note that when returning the product, if the order value falls below the threshold for free shipping, shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. Visit our exchange and returns page for more information

The return period is 14 days. This term is valid from the time of ordering to the time of logging on our website. After notification, you still have 7 days to return the product.

The products are easy and free to return. Your return must first be registered. Sign up on this page using your zip code and order number/tracking code. A return label is then generated.

Product Questions

General product questions

Some materials (such as wool) are naturally durable. For materials where this is not always the case (for example, cotton), we always request certificates and inspection reports from the supplier.

Questions about woollies

Our products are produced in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. We deliberately chose to produce outside the EU as well. Garment production is an important source of income for underdeveloped countries.

If in doubt which size to choose, we recommend choosing the smallest size. The rompers generally fall larger than other brands.

If you already have pills in the first few days you don’t need to worry. With new untreated merino wool products, it is common for it to pill. The wool has scales that come off and it does so in the form of pills. This happens during the first few wearings and then it stops. They will come off on their own but you can also remove them with a device to speed up the process a bit.

There are products from other brands where this does not happen only they have undergone additional treatment. This treatment is called superwash and removes the loose protruding hairs (which now form the pills). That sounds like a good solution however this treatment is done (in most cases) with chlorine. Find more info about it here among others.We have chosen not to apply treatment because it does not fit within our concept.

Officially, clothes do not need to be washed before first wearing. For little ones, we always recommend doing this anyway. The skin is still super sensitive then and you just be extra sure!

Our wool is untreated and has not had a superwash treatment. Such treatment does not fit within our concept.


Yes you can. For that, take a look at this page, where you will find more information.

Our photos may be used. If you are looking for higher resolution photos please feel free to contact us.