Mulesing, what is it and why don’t you want it?

It is important to us that our products are made fairly and sustainably. With products made from merino wool, you then have to watch out for a nasty abuse in the wool industry called mulesing. It is a relatively unknown concept to many people, but it has a major impact on sheep welfare and wool quality.

What is mulesing?

Mulesing is a practice used in the wool industry to prevent fly larvae. It involves cutting away the skin around a sheep’s hindquarters, creating a wound that is less attractive for flies to lay their eggs in. Unfortunately, this practice is not only very painful for the sheep, but also unsustainable and ethically sound.

As a consumer, it is important to know the conditions under which it was produced. So when buying wool, it is essential to look for suppliers who are committed to ethical production processes and who do not use wool from mulesing sheep.

How we guarantee that our wool is Mulesing free

With us, you can rest assured that our wool is free of mulesing and that our supplier is Woolmark certified. This means that we only use wool from sheep that have been responsibly and sustainably raised and cared for, and that the entire production process is audited to ensure that it meets the highest standards of sustainability and ethics. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to carry the Woolmark logo ourselves because we have to be certified for this as well. Unfortunately, the cost of certification is still too high for us.

If you’re looking for wool products that are not only beautiful, but also responsibly produced, you’ve come to the right place. By choosing ethical wool products, you not only contribute to the welfare of sheep, but also to the sustainability of the wool industry.

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