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What is Amber

Amber is a resin that comes from coniferous trees and is also called amber. The resin dripped from the trees millions of years ago and then petrified. It is sometimes called 'stone', but actually it is not really that. Amber is flammable and a light pine odor is released when heated. Amber in Babies

Amber is often used in necklaces and bracelets for babies. Not only because the amber stones are very beautiful, but also because of the special effect that is attributed to them. In ancient times it was believed that amber has a healing and soothing effect. Today, the jewelry is still worn for this reason. Amber contains succinic acid (also known as succinic acid) which is released by wearing the stones on the body in the form of a necklace or bracelet. This succinic acid is said to have a soothing effect on cramps and teething. Please note that wearing jewelry on a baby should always be done under the supervision of an adult

Origin of amber

Amber is found in several places around the world. The succinic acid content of these amber stones from the Baltic region is several times higher than from other sources. We therefore have all our jewelry made in Lithuania, where the jewelry is hand-knotted with the greatest care. We offer baby necklaces, baby bracelets, and bracelets and necklaces for adults.

Amber colors

The beads are available in different colors. In most cases the beads are yellow/orange to dark red in color. There are also more green, blue or even black colored varieties. The lighter colors (lemon, cognac and honey) generally have a higher percentage of succinic acid. The jewelry is available in rough and polished. The polished jewelry is shiny and polished without the use of chemicals. The rough stones have a matte natural look.