Woolen playsuit / crawling suit

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The magic of woolen newborn suits

Our wool baby suits are made from the softest and most natural fiber available – merino wool. Merino wool keeps your little one warm on cold days and provides pleasant coolness when it is warm. Baby skin is much more sensitive, especially in the first few weeks after birth. Therefore, choose a newborn suit made of merino wool. This is wonderfully soft and comfortable for the little one.

Baby suits, wonderful to sleep in.

Did you know that our woolen rompers are not only fantastic during the day, but also ideal for sleeping in? No more hassle with restless nights, because our suits offer your little one the ultimate comfort for a good night's sleep.

Baby suits can be worn all year round

Our woolen baby suits can be worn all year round. Whether winter or summer, merino wool adapts to the conditions and ensures that your little one always feels his best.

For extra warmth on colder days, you can perfectly combine our woolen baby suits with our soft woolen rompers.

Durability and high quality baby suits.

Our wool baby suits are made to last. They are of top quality and can take a beating. You can trust that your little one will enjoy the comfort of merino wool time and time again.

Shop now and wrap your little one in softness

Are you ready to spoil your little one with the softest and cuddliest material? Discover our beautiful collection of woolen baby suits now and give your baby the ultimate feeling of comfort and warmth. Order today and enjoy the magic of merino wool!