wool rompers

Woolen rompers made from the highest quality merino wool. Our merino wool rompers are made sustainably and fairly. Wonderfully soft and comfortable for the little ones!

Collection: wool rompers

Lovely fitting woolen rompers made of premium quality merino wool, the best choice for the little ones. Of course you want the most comfortable for your baby. Our merino wool rompers are wonderfully soft and of high quality. Fairly produced wool rompers, free of toxic substances.

High quality wool rompers

Sustainable and fairly produced rompers made from merino wool. Our collection of woolen rompers are made from the highest quality merino wool so that your little one can feel optimal and enjoy every season. Sustainable & fair rompers Our wool romper is made with care and attention for the well-being of both your baby and the planet. We are proud that all our wool rompers are made from merino wool that is Mulesing free, meaning the wool is ethically sourced. In addition, our wool is of high quality and untreated, no superwash treatment has been applied to the merino wool. This means that the natural properties of merino wool are retained, allowing it to retain its breathable and temperature-regulating properties.

Wool rompers are very comfortable

One of the good qualities of rompers made of wool is moisture regulation. Unlike cotton, a merino wool romper does not remain soggy and wet when it comes into contact with moisture. This makes wool rompers much more comfortable and ideal for your baby's temperature regulation. Whether summer or winter, merino wool adapts to the environment and keeps your little one comfortable. The breathability of merino wool helps dissipate excess heat in the summer, while its insulating ability ensures that your baby stays warm during colder days.

Types of wool rompers

We offer merino wool rompers in different types: the standard merino wool romper with short sleeves and long sleeves and the wrap rompers for younger and smaller children (up to size 68) with short sleeves and with long sleeves.

Wool rompers, the best choice!

By choosing a wool romper you give your baby the very best. In addition to offering ultimate comfort and optimal temperature regulation, you also contribute to a more sustainable future. Our merino wool rompers are made to last and can be passed on to future generations. We believe in creating baby clothes that are good for both your little one and the world they are growing up in.

Order a merino wool romper today and experience the benefits of this natural fiber. Give your baby the very best and enjoy the versatility of woolen rompers all year round.