Woolen crib blanket fleece - 75x100cm - Merino wool - Natural

Woolen crib blanket fleece - 75x100cm - Merino wool - Natural

  • Lovely soft crib blanket for the little ones.
  • Made from 100% natural and certified merino wool.
  • Merino wool regulates moisture balance and temperature.
  • Flexible blanket to wrap the baby comfortably in.
  • Made fairly and sustainably.
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Detailed description

Cleaning and maintenance

<h2>Maintaining wool crib blankets</h2>
We recommend washing the wool crib blanket as little as possible. Ventilation is often sufficient to make the blanket smell fresh again. Speaking of smelling fresh, a wool crib blanket can have a (sometimes quite strong) sheep smell when purchased. This will go away automatically, but if you find it very unpleasant, first ventilate the crib blanket in the mist or in a damp room. For example, in the steam from the shower. Then dry the blanket in a well-ventilated area.</p>

<h2> Wash merino wool crib blanket</h2>
If an accident has happened and you cannot avoid washing it, do this by hand to minimize damage to the wool blanket. Wash the wool crib blanket at 30 degrees with wool detergents. If necessary, let the crib blanket soak for a while. Lay the rest flat (for example on a clothes rack) to dry.</p>


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